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Have you ever noticed some alphabet and numbers on your tyre’s sidewall? Ever wondered what do they mean? Those alphanumeric letters carry crucial information about the tyres size, construction and rim diameter. These tyre measurements will be in every product whether you are buying tyres Totton or in any other place in the country. They are standardised to help you understand what product you are choosing for your vehicle.

Let’s take a look at what they represent.

Tyre size measurements

Let’s take an example: say a tyre from the famous tyre manufacturer like Lassa has 205/55R16 on its sidewall. It means the following.

This tyre is 205 mm wide.

55 is the tyre profile or aspect ratio. This ratio means that this tyre has a sidewall that is 55% of its width. In this case, it is 55% of 215.

‘R’ indicates that the tyre has a Radial construction.

The tyre has a wheel rim diameter of 16 inches.

What does Lassa have to offer in this category?

Lassa has a wide range of tyres, and they are extremely popular among car owners in places like Southampton. Here are some of their major products.

Lassa Iceways: This is one of Lassa’s bestselling models. These are a family of winter tyres and are compatible with studs. Lassa specifically manufactures these models for areas which experience a lot of snowfall. Use Iceways models when you need that extra grip; their unique three-dimensional lamella design provides excellent traction.

Lassa Snoways Era: Another of Lassa’s splendid winter tyres, the Snoways Era model works best when you pair them with your SUV. Lassa had a Snoways model line-up earlier, but the Era variant was tailor-made for high-speed vehicles.

Lassa Impetus Revo: If you think Lassa only manufactures excellent winter tyres, you should check out their new Impetus Revo. It is an excellent example of a summer tyre. It has a harder rubber compound and offers faster acceleration and nimble handling. This summer tyres and its different variants are an all-time favourite among Totton Tyre and Exhaust customers. 

Lassa Phenoma: Lassa Phenoma is a recent launch. It is one of Lassa’s famous performance tyres. This is one tyre on which Lassa is banking on to improve its market presence.

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