Lassa 215/50 R17 Tyres

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As one of the leading auto garages in the Southampton, we often get asked which the best brand of tyres is. The market is saturated with products of all hues, and it is often confusing for customers to pick out the tyres that would satisfy their needs best. 

To them, our experts recommend Lassa tyres. This Turkish tyre company has been serving the automobile industry with distinction for the better part of five decades and are known for their consistency with providing superior products for car owners. Although they have tyres that come in all sizes, there is one particular size that has been in constant demand in our garage. 

The size we are talking about is 215/50 R17. For those who are unaware of what these numbers mean, here’s a generic overview.

The first three digits, 215, is the width of that tyre in millimetres. 

The next two, 50, represents its aspect ratio which is nothing but the height of the tyre expressed as a percentage of its width. In this case, the height of the tyre is 50% of 215 mm.

The letter ‘R’ comes next; it represents the type of tyre, which is radial in this case.

And finally, the last two digits represent its rim diameter expressed in inches.

So, if you are one of those who requires tyres of this size, you have come to the right place. At Totton Tyre and Exhaust, we have stocked a wide variety of Lassa tyres of this size for your convenience. There are two tyres in this segment that are hugely popular:

1. Snoways 3

An excellent snow tyre, the Snoways 3 can tackle the treacherous conditions of a snowy road with ease. With a unique carcass construction and a new rubber compound, these tyres provide unmatched road grip and cornering abilities.

2. Driveways

These tyres Totten are one of the best premium tyres that Lassa has to offer. With an impressive ‘B’ EU label rating in fuel economy and wet grip category, these tyres fit many mid to premium level sedans. It provides the driver with a comfortable and quiet ride (71 dB) and lasts longer than comparable products. 

At our service station, you will get both these products along with a host of others in all sizes and variations. Head over to our garage today and treat your car with the gift of a new set of tyres!