Lassa 215/55 R16 Tyres

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Traditionally, it was always the big names that dominated the tyre market of Southampton. However, the times are changing. At our workshop, we are witnessing a trend reversal with more and more people opting for relatively lesser known tyre brands. 

Lassa is one such brand that is becoming increasingly popular around these parts of the country. One tyre size, in particular, 215/55 R16, has seen a massive spike in demand. If you are not sure what these numbers mean, here’s a quick guide: this tyre is 215 mm wide, has an aspect ratio (height to width ratio) of 55, and it is a Radial tyre with 16 inches rim diameter.

The reason for the popularity of these tyres Totton is that this particular size fits on hundreds of popular car models. Some of them are:

Cadillac BLS

Audi A4

Chevrolet Cruze and Vectra

Mitsubishi Debonair and Sigma

Renault Laguna and Scenic

Opel Vectra

Toyota Corolla and Royal

Volvo C70 and V60

People who own these cars or other premium or family vehicles that fit this tyre size are continually looking for better options for their replacement tyres. Lassa provides the perfect solution for them. This Turkish tyre developer has partnered with Bridgestone and used their experience and industry foothold to establish a strong presence in the European market. 

Lassa has infiltrated the UK market as well, with multiple retailers stocking their products; Totton Tyre and Exhaust is one of the largest ones. If you are looking for tyres of size 215/55 R16, you will find an extensive range of Lassa tyres at our garage corresponding to that size. A few popular models include:

1. Snoways Era+

2. Snoways 3

3. Driveways

4. Impetus Revo 2+

5. Phenoma

The first two on the list are winter tyres while the others are of the summer variant. All these tyres have been tested rigorously before they were released into the market and have been touted by industry veterans as exceptional in their performance and longevity. Simply put, you cannot go wrong with these tyres. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make a quick stop at our workshop and gift your car one of the best product money can buy. If that’s inconvenient for you, you can also purchase these tyres online from our website, and you’ll receive them at your doorstep in no time.