Lassa 215/65 R16 Tyres

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Totton Tyre and Exhaust is the home to numerous tyre brands; some big, others not so much.  However, one thing that is common in all the tyres that we stock is that they have been vetted by automobile experts for quality and performance. So, no matter which tyre you pick up, rest assured that you’ll have no complaints about its quality. 

People often tend to assume that the big names are somehow better than the smaller ones. Nine times out of ten, an average car owner will go for the big brands of tyres that are out there. While there is some justification for that behaviour, the lines have blurred significantly in the past few decades. Even the relatively smaller companies are giving industry leaders a run for their money.

One such tyre brand is Lassa. This Turkish tyre maker may not be as well-known in the UK as, say Continental or Goodyear, but the sheer excellence of their tyres has broken the barrier and captured the fancy of the people from Southampton in recent years. The most in-demand tyres Totton from Lassa is of the size 215/65 R16 (a Radial tyre which is 215 mm wide, has a height to width ratio of 65 and rim diameter of 16 inches). Here we are going to talk about the options at your disposal should you choose to buy one of them.

Lassa 215/65 R16 tyres

1. Competus A/T 2

An all-terrain tyre of the highest calibre, the Competus A/T 2 is capable of operating smoothly on both dry and wet roads. Furthermore, these tyres also have a meagre rolling resistance which means that they are environmentally friendly and will save quite a few pounds on your fuel cost.

2. Wintus 2

The Wintus 2 is a winter tyre for Light Commercial Vehicles. Van owners often don’t have many choices when it comes to winter tyres, and these tyres are a step towards solving that. The interlocked tread pattern on the Wintus 2 assures remarkable wet grip, and the sturdy construction makes them last considerably longer than other tyres in the segment.

Lassa has quite a few other tyres in this size bracket, all of which are top-notch in their respective segments. Visit our workshop today if you want to get your hands on a pair of those. Our technicians will be delighted to help you in choosing the best set of tyres for your car. You can also buy them online from our online.