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Do you live in or around Southampton? Drive an SUV or a similar type of car? Then you surely know that once winter arrives, you will need to change your car tyres. This time, try out Lassa winter car tyres. They are some of the best models currently available in the UK. 

But before that, do you know what those figures and numbers that you see on the sidewall of a tyre mean? They are there for a reason: they display a significant amount of information about the tyres. Totton Tyre and Exhaust, one of the most reputable retailers of tyres in the area, takes you through the details.

Tyre markings decoded

Let’s say that your brand new Lassa tyre shows 225/40 R18 embossed on its sidewall. These letters and numbers mean:

It denotes that this tyre has a width of 225 mm. It is that part of the tyre that makes contact with the road.

‘40’ stands for the aspect ratio or tyre profile.

This is a radial tyre, as the ‘R’ denotes.

Lastly, the model is compatible with the 18-inch wheel.

Some of the best Lassa winter tyres

Given here are the three best Lassa tyres for winters. Any of these models will be a good example of tyres Totton.

Lassa Snoways Era: This is one of Lassa’s most recent launches. Incidentally, the Snoways range has been a mainstay of Lassa’s range in the UK. The Era is a recent entrant into Lassa’s catalogue, and it has some extremely futuristic features.

Lassa Snoways 3: The ‘3’ indicates that this is the third-generation Lassa Snoways model. The previous two generations focused mainly on improving durability and speed. This year, their new models will have an eco-friendly construction. It will have its place among superb environmentally friendly tyres.

Lassa Phenoma: Note that this is not strictly a winter tyre, but more akin to a summer or an all-weather tyre. However, Phenoma tyres are known to provide superb service even in light to moderate snow. Remember that Phenoma also lends its name to a range of all-season tyres.

Buy Lassa tyres at Totton

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