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Totton Tyre and Exhaust is currently one of the largest tyre retailers in and around Southampton. Due to the surging popularity of Lassa tyres, we stock all of their products in our inventory.

It is true that Lassa is not as well-known as, say, continental and Goodyear. That said what Lassa loses in age and standing, it more than makes up in its fantastic products. Currently, this company is one of the UK’s largest tyre suppliers. Lassa manufactures all types of tyres, including winter, summer, and all-season tyres.

Most of you have probably looked at a new set of tyres and wondered what the numbers and letters on the side mean. These alphanumeric puzzles are nothing but standards that apply to tyres. Let us explain.

Broken down: tyre markings

As an example, let us say that you decide to buy a new Lassa 225/45 R17 model as your next tyres Totton. Before you complete the purchase, remember the following:

The 225 refers to the tyre’s width. In this case, this tyre is 225 mm wide.

‘45’ means that this Lassa tyre has an aspect ratio of 45 percent of the width or 45% of 225.

The ‘R’ means that it is a radial tyre.

Finally, this model has a rim diameter of 17 inches. It is the ’17’ that you see.

Buy new Lassa tyres in Southampton

Since winter will soon be upon us, do check out these three winter Lassa tyres.

Snoways Era: The Era is the latest continuation of the Snoways series of winter tyres from Lassa. In many aspects, this tyre manages to bring something new to the table (regarding speed and agility) despite being a continuation of the Snoways family.

Lassa Snoways 3: This is yet another bestselling member of Lassa’s Snoways series. Extremely popular in Southampton, this Snoways model has unique groove patterns which help in aquaplaning as well as aids in faster acceleration. 

Lassa TÜV SÜD approved Snoways Era: This is a new Era model that has TÜV SÜD approval, which indicates that these tyres can provide better performance even when the road is under thick snow. 

Lassa tyres in Southampton

In and around Southampton, Lassa tyres are finding more and more customers in people who are buying sturdier vehicles. You can check out our collection at our facility or even buy them online. We offer doorstep delivery facilities as well!