Lassa 225/50 R17 Tyres

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Worn out tyres? Looking for a replacement? Confused as to what to choose?

Well, why don’t you give Lassa a try!

The Turkish tyre tycoon has been around for a few decades now, creating quite a buzz in the tyre market. With their innovative concepts and futuristic designs, they were able to put a solid foundation in the automotive industry. 

Lassa tyres saw its inception in the year 1974 by Sabanci Group of Companies and partners. Soon, they got into a partnership with Bridgestone Corporation, the Japanese tyre mogul. They started their operations in 1978, which saw the beginning of their revolution in the tyre industry. 

Lassa tyres are incredibly well-known for their sturdy in compound structure and durable nature. It is quite popular among car owners in Southampton and the rest of Britain. 

Recent years have seen the demand for Lassa tyres reach a new record high, thus, prompting them to supply their tyres globally. They deal with various retailers in almost all the cities across the globe. 

We, Totton Tyre and Exhaust, are the largest vendors of these tyres in the U.K. Our garage stores some of the best Lassa tyres available today. From 4X4 to seasonal to performance tyres, we have it all. 

There is a pattern in the current market that we have noticed. A particular size of Lassa tyre has become extremely popular. The size of the tyre is 225/50 R17. These letter and numbers carry critical information about the tyre. 225 denote the tyre width, and 50 is the aspect ratio. It means that the sidewall is 50% of the total tyre width. R signifies the tyre type, which is radial for this particular tyre 17 refers to the rim diameter. 

Snoways Era is the most popular tyre in this size bracket. Let’s look at certain details as to its gaining popularity. 

Lassa Snoways Era:

This tyre is especially suited for winter use. Its elevated tread pattern provides outstanding traction.

It provides both dry and wet grip improving on-road safety. 

The wide shoulder blocks offer better control and precise handling. 

It gives excellent performance on wet and slippery conditions. 

Hence, with so many advantages, it is quite evident as to why this tyre is so extensively used among regular car owners and racing car drivers alike. 

These tyres Totton would be the ideal replacement for those worn out ones on your vehicle. 

So what are you waiting for? Drive to our service station and garage now and get your very own set of these tyres right here!