Lassa 235/40 R18 Tyres

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Tyres are the most vital components of any car, and if you are choosing a pair for your vehicle, you need to do a careful evaluation. They have gone through extensive modifications and development over the past few decades to tackle the unpredictability of modern commute. 

We now have all sorts of tyres for modern cars to cope with various types of road conditions. There are 4X4, performance, off-road and a host of others to choose from while buying tyres for a car.

Some of the most functional tyres now come from a brand called Lassa. With their next-gen technologies and futuristic innovations, they have been able to create a foothold in the automobile market.

It is a Turkish company that came into existence in 1974. Founded by Sabanci Group of Companies and Partners, they started their operation in 1978. They got into a joint venture with Bridgestone Corporation, which was the start of their rapid progress. 

Today, Lassa supplies their tyres worldwide, transacting with various vendors across major cities and towns. 

We, Totton Tyre and Exhaust, are one of the major retailers of Lassa tyres in Southampton. Our garage stocks some of their best tyres available in the market today. 

It has led us to notice that most of the widely used Lassa tyres are of the size 235/40 R18. Now, all those letters and numbers might seem alien to you, but let us explain. Here, 235 signify the width of the tyre and 40 is its aspect ratio. Also, R means that it is a radial tyre. Lastly, 18 denote the diameter of the rim in inches. 

The most popular Lassa tyre of this size is the Driveways Sport. Here are some of the reasons why this is the most sought-after tyre among our customers. 

Lassa Driveways Sport:

1. Its enhanced tread pattern improves safety by a significant margin.

2. The elevated treads ensure better handling and precise control.

3. It gives excellent traction providing ample dry and wet on-road grip.

4. The narrow ribs disburse heat and offer better performance. 

5. Its light-weight nature and sturdy structure make it more durable than its competitors. 

With such benefits, it is no wonder that this tyre is so widely in demand with regular car drivers and racers alike. Hence, if you are looking to change those weary old tyres Totton for your car, this would be the perfect replacement. 

So why wait? Drop down to our garage today and get yourself a brand new pair of Lassa tyres.