Lassa 235/45 R17 Tyres

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The ever-changing automobile industry has seen a drastic development not only in terms of different vehicles but also regarding their parts. One of the components that saw significant improvement over the years is the car tyres. Today, we have many tyres for various road and weather conditions as well as for different types of cars. 

There are now tons of varieties of tyres and tyre manufactures in the market. One of the tyre brands which is quite popular in Southampton and the rest of Britain is Lassa tyres.

Lassa – A brief history:

The company saw its start in 1974 in Turkey as the Sabanci Group of Companies and partners. For the first ten years, the company was known as Brisa. They started producing tyres from 1978 after getting into a joint venture with Japanese tyre mogul, Bridgestone Corporation. 

That was the start of Lassa’s immense growth. Through the partnership, Lassa started producing tyres of extremely high quality. They are exceptionally well-known for their durable and sturdy tyres globally. 

Hence, they saw an increase in demand for their products, which prompted them to supply their tyres worldwide. Lassa transacts with various dealers and retailers across multiple cities and towns.

We, Totton Tyre and Exhaust, are one of the largest vendors of Lassa tyres. Our garage stocks the best tyres that they have to offer.

One thing that we have noticed is that there is a particular tyre size of Lassa that is in huge demand. The size is 235/45 R17. It is a specific range whose width is 235mm; aspect ratio is 45% (the aspect ratio of this tyre is the height of the sidewall in relation to the total tyre width). Also, R here refers to the tyre type, which is Radial for this tyre. 17 represents the rim diameter in inches. 

The most popular Lassa tyre of this size is the Snoways 3. Let’s look at why this tyre is so sought after nowadays.

Lassa Snoways 3:

It is a winter-oriented tyre that offers excellent performance on snow and ice. 

Enhances traction, offering excellent wet and snow grip.

It has an elevated tread pattern which makes dispersing water easy. Hence, it reduces the risks of aquaplaning. 

It is light-weight, and the carcass design allows less rolling resistance. 

Thus, it is quite evident as to why this tyre is so widely in demand now. So, if you need to change your old tyres, you can opt for a new set of Lassa tyres Totton from our garage. We also have a team of experts who will assist in choosing the best tyres for your vehicle.