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So, your car’s service manual is telling you to do an oil change again? You’ve probably been doing it twice or thrice every year without question because the car manual says so and it’s cheap. Have you ever wondered why do you need to?

Changing oil may be relatively inexpensive but don’t be fooled by that. It is one of the most critical aspects of servicing your car. We can all agree that a vehicle runs because of its engine. Let’s just say that the engine runs because of the oil, and that’s not an overstatement.

Before we go into the nitty-grittyof why you can’t afford to skip oil service in Totton or anywhere for that matter, let us point out that thousands of car owners rely on Totton Tyre & Exhaust,Totton for their oil change every month.

With that said, let's jump into why an oil change is not something you should take lightly.

  • Lubrication is the key

In every machine with moving parts, lubrication is of supreme importance. Your car’s engine is no different. Your car’s engine is an ensemble of hundreds of components, running every minute that your vehicle is on, moving in a synchronised way, creating a lot of heat and friction.

It is the last part that may pose a problem for your engine. Heat and friction are enemies of mechanical parts (unless it’s a heater, duh). It is the oil’s job to see that these parts are properly lubricated, without which a breakdown will be imminent.

  • It’s a bodyguard for your engine

Oil is the first layer of protection for your engine. It guards the engineagainst dust, moisture and the resultant corrosion. It goes a long way towards saving your engine from a breakdown, which would cost you a fortune to repair or replace.

Unfortunately, oil itself starts to degrade and becomes contaminated with time. It absorbs a lot of waste and pollutants from the engine, eventually becoming thick and sludgy. That is when you need to visit an oil change station in Totton or one close to you. 

In-house experts at Totton Tyre & Exhaust recommend changing your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles. But that’s a generalisation. For a more precise evaluation of when you need to go for an oil change in Totton, refer to your owners’ manual. You can also come to our workshop and let our mechanics have a look at your engine. They’ll be able to tell you whether you need to change your oil or not.

Oil change is probably the cheapest way of ensuring that your engine stays happy and performs smoothly. If you skip it for some reason, be ready to shell out a considerable amount of money when your engine breaks down because of heat and friction. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?