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We all know that we are supposed to service our cars once in a while. Your car dealer must have told you as much. But if you are one of those who likes to go deeper before believing what anyone says, you have come to the right place.

In this section, we will talk about what constitutes a car service and why it is unavoidable. Of course, you’re not legally required to service your car. But you’re not legally required to take a bath either. Does that mean you don’t need to?

Car service is one of the most critical aspects of maintaining your car well. You don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll list down all the advantages of a car service in Totton and let you decide on the rest.

If you’re already convinced that your car needs servicing like Sherlock Holmes needs Dr Watson, you’re marching towards the right direction. The next step would be taking your car to a car service garage in Totton, such as Totton Tyre & Exhaust.

Advantages of car service

Cars are not very different from humans in many aspects. For example, if you take good care of your health, you’ll reap its benefits in the long run. The same goes for your car. Servicing is mainly taking care of your car’s health so that it remains in good shape for a longer time.

That’s the short answer for why your car needs regular servicing. The long explanation is given below:

  • Longer life

Your car is a machine, and all machines undergo wear and tear with time. More so in the case of a car, because it encounters a barrage of difficult situations every day!

From incessant rains to the scorching heat, from potholes to uneven roads, from continuous accelerating and decelerating to rough driving- you name it! All these take a heavy toll on your car and servicing is the only way to ensure that it doesn’t break down.

  • Better driving experience

Let’s take our human analogy a bit further. Do you perform your best when you’re entirely fit or when you’re seriously ill? The former, we presume. The same goes for your car. A well-serviced vehicle will give you a much better driving experience in terms of handling, braking, cornering and pretty much everything in between.

  • Lower running cost

If you’re avoiding car service in Totton because of the money factor, it’s indeed counterproductive. You may save a few pounds now but will inevitably end up shelling out more on car repairs which are bound to arise because of low maintenance. We can assure you that a blown out engine will prove to be much more expensive than a service.

There is also fuel-economy to consider. Servicing includes changing air and oil filters, as well as checking for proper air pressure in your tyres. These will improve the fuel economy of your car, which means that you’ll be visiting petrol pumps less frequently.

There are some other advantages as well like increasing your car’s resale value and improving the safety of your vehicles. All in all, a good car service garage in Totton can save a lot of your money and headache if you service your car regularly.

How regular is regularly?

That depends on which car you drive. The general rule is that you should do a basic service once every six months (6,000 miles) and a full service once a year (12,000 miles). But you should consult your owner’s manual to get your car’s exact servicing schedule.

Now that you know what a car service can do for your car do not delay it anymore. Visit Totton Tyre & Exhaust, Totton and avail our servicing packages at an exciting price!