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When most of us think of Falken car tyres, we instantly think of high-performance car tyres. However, the 6th largest tyre tycoon isn’t just all about motorsports. From their inception in 1983, more than 30 years ago, this young brand has been one of the most proficient tyre architects, and today, Falken serves the community with technologically driven tyres. 

With more than 300 centres including Totton Tyre & Exhaust in Totton, Falken serves the community with long-lasting, fuel-efficient tyres which have served to maintain the ‘driving emotion’ amongst riders.

Falken tyres: Odyssey

One of the most sought after tyre manufacturers at our garage is Falken. Set up in 1983, Falken rose to fame owing to their significant contribution in motorsports. From the British & Irish Drift Championships to the Le Mans series, Falken car tyres have been the first choice for many racers like James Deane himself. A favourite amongst top-racing legends, choosing Falken will give speed enthusiasts the optimal service along with unmatched safety.

Soon after Falken’s motorsport endeavours, the company developed advanced technologies and incorporated innovations like Nur Spec, Breathing Pumice and others to bring tyres from race tracks into our roads.

It is also one of the most preferred tyres of our consumers. You can visit us and check out Falken’s latest collection at our garage in Totton.

Preview of Falken at Totton Tyre & Exhaust 

AZENIS FK453 – The most suited tyre offering optimal performance and thrill of driving, this range of Falken is a top pick at our garage in Totton because of the following  -

Made of a silica-rubber mixture that offers exceptional handling in all road conditions.

Superior grip on wet roads or frost laden roads.

Directional bound design.

The AZENIS FK453 NEO-T01 model provides security even during a blow-out; Using run-flat-technology, this model prevents any potential hazard of driving with a puncture. 

So if you’re interest is piqued, then visit Totton Tyre & Exhaust in Totton and check out our exclusive models of Falken car tyres. To make sure that you and your loved ones stay safe during the commute, you should always buy Falken tyres whenever you are planning to get a brand new set for your car. You can also order Falken tyres online from our e-store. We also provide re-treading services at affordable prices. So invest wisely and contact us today.