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Tyre Manufacturers - Hankook Tyres

The first Korean tyre company to have specialised radical tubeless tyres, Hankook car tyres has stayed true to the motto ‘less talk more do.’ With the production capacity of more than 90 billion tyres on a global scale, Hankook supplies tyres to many retailers worldwide, like Totton Tyre & Exhaust in Totton. 

If you’re looking for an economical brand which will offer you the ultimate driving experience, we can help with our exclusive stock of Hankook car tyres. Providing comfort, safety, and keeping the driving sentiment intact, it’s no wonder that Hankook falls amongst the largest tyre manufacturers in the world.

Why Say Yes to Hankook Car Tyres?

A perfect juxtaposition of economic drive & longevity, take a tour of why Hankook will offer you a joy ride –

Hankook uses state-of-art technologies for mastering the tarmac. Covering R&D centres in 5 countries with eight manufacturing depots, Hankook uses the most advanced technologies & innovations dominating the economy. Take a quick glance –

Kontrol Technology

All Hankook tyres sold at Totton Tyre & Exhaust in Totton uses Kontrol technology. This philosophy behind Kontrol is providing the rider with a safe & optimal drive under any weather or road conditions. Additionally, Kontrol maximises tyre performance, enhances safety and reduces carbon emissions, thus increasing fuel efficiency.

Hankook Innovations

Hankook thinks of the future while designing their car tyres using these revolutionary tyre concepts; take an overview –

Magfloat- Combining rotation principle using magnetic field extension, Hankook car tyres provide free mobility & facilitate good cornering even at a low speed of 20 km/h or lesser.

Flexup –Flexup comes with divided treads which can contract or expand depending on road surfaces. These innovations allow your car the freedom of mobility even when it encounters obstacles on the road. 

Shiftrac- This technology is prevalent amongst police vehicles. Awarded for its sheer excellence at IDEA 2017, Shiftrac enhances swiftness and mobility along with safety, no matter the road condition.

Hankook car tyres at Totton Tyre & Exhaust

Totton Tyre & Exhaust in Totton is one of the largest retailers of Hankook tyres. We provide authorised Hankook tyres for sedans, 4X4 vehicles, performance cars, the best of prices. We also sell tyres from our website. If you’re buying Hankook tyres online, check out our massive collection on the site. If you need assistance in tyre fitting, we can help you with that too! Just book an appointment, and let our experts serve you for a better driving experience.