Van Tyres

Vans are subjected to a heavy load and require sturdier tyres for providing the reliable performance we ask from them. So, to make sure your van gets the best quality tyres at affordable rates, Totton Tyre & Exhaust is now open at Totton to provide van owners with a wide collection of van tyres at affordable prices.

Catch a glimpse of our van tyres from leading brands –

Continental van tyres

Standing tall amongst one the leading tyre magnates of today, Continental promises durability, a steady ride, exceptional cornering ability and cost-effectiveness. We sell the following Continental van tyres and more –

  • Vanco ECO
  • Vanco Contact 2
  • ContiVanContact 100

Dunlop van tyres

Exceptional traction, gripping and facilitating friendly fuel economy, the leaders of pneumatic tyres offer some of the best ranges of van tyres

  • SP LT 60

Check out these variations and more at Totton Tyre & Exhaust in Totton. You can also check our collection while looking for your van tyres online.

Pirelli carrier tyres

The leaders of motorsport, Pirelli is well distinguished for offering safety, with an adrenalin-packed ride. Exceptional cornering, low rolling resistance, authentic tread pattern with proper profile geometry, here are some examples of Pirelli’s carrier tyres –

  • FR:01 Triathlon
  • FH:01
  • TH:01

Convenient ways to ‘read’ new tyres

Van tyres are a lot heavier than regular tyres. So here is all you need to know about these tyres. These tyres come with a lot of symbols on the sidewalls. To decipher these codes, our experts are here to assist you.

  • 1. XL – While shopping your van tyres from our store, if you see an XL mark on the sidewall of some models, it means these tyres are optimal for carrying a heavy load. According to your vehicle’s requirements pick your suited tyre.
  • 2. RF – An RF van tyre is armoured throughout. These are made from with durable compounds mixed with Kevlar to deal with excessive stress under duress.

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