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There are many things to consider while buying new car tyres - season, performance, price, etc. However, the most important criterion for selecting a new tyre is its size. Every car model has a manufacturer recommended tyre size. For example, Audi A3 has a tyre size of 215/45 R17, which means that no other tyre size will fit that particular model.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of car owners are unaware of how to decode the size markings. If you are a novice, you can check out the size marking either on your tyre’s sidewalls or the owner’s manual. Decoding them is a little trickier. Let’s take 215/45 R17 as an example and decipher each number individually:

215: It’s the width of the tyre measured in millimetres.

45: It is the height of the tyre’s sidewalls with respect to the width. In other words, it’s the tyre’s aspect ratio. 

R: It represents the type of tyre it is. R stands for radial.

17: It’s the rim diameter measured in inches.

If you put all of that together, it will say that it is a radial tyre which is 215 mm wide, the height of the tyre is 45% of its width, and the rim is 17 inches across. 

Now that you understand what those cryptic markings mean, let’s focus on the tyre models that are 215/45 R17 in size. We, at Totton Tyre and Exhaust, recommend you a brilliant tyre from Vitora in this size segment:

Vitora Sportlife: A high-performance tyre with superior braking and handling capabilities, the Sportlife is a dream come true for sports and performance car lovers. The asymmetrical tread pattern on these tyres provides exceptional precision handling. The inside shoulders of these tyres have a high void ratio which makes sure that water is dispersed promptly from under the tyres. It also restricts heat build-up. 

The Sportlife is compatible with many high to mid-range sedans and coupes. Some of the notable names in that list include:

Chevrolet Vectra

Alfa Romeo GTV 

BMW 1 and 3 series

Ford Cougar

Hyundai Coupe and Elantra

Mercedes Benz A and B Classes

Mitsubishi Evolution

These are only a selected few of the many cars that visit our workshop regularly for new tyres Totton. Our garage is one of the most preferred places for people in and around Southampton for buying new car tyres. Many people also opt for buying tyres online from our e-store where they can avail great offers.