Vitora 215/65 R16 Tyres

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Due to the rapid progress of the automobile industry, we are seeing different types of cars being rolled out almost every day. Thus, to cope with these new lines of vehicles, tyres had to go through drastic improvements as well. Also, changing road conditions have prompted the need for new-gen tyres. 

Tyres are the crucial components of any car, coming in various sizes catering to different vehicles. It not only provides grip and traction but also absorbs shocks due to the car running over rough terrain. Thus, sturdy and durable tyres are of the utmost importance, and Vitora tyres might well be your choice. 

Vitora – An Overview

This company has been in the tyre market for a while now. Due to their innovatory designs and complex structure of tyres, they have become an overnight success. 

Considering the increasing demand for their products, Vitora supplies tyres to various cities around the world. They transact with a host of vendors and retailers to make their tyres available everywhere in Southampton and the rest of Britain.

Totton Tyre and Exhaust are one the largest dealers of these tyres. We deal in the best Vitora tyres available in the market.  

One of the Vitora tyre sizes which are extremely popular is 215/65 R16. Here, 215 means the tyre width, 65 means that the sidewall is 65% of the total tyre width of 215. Also, R stands for tyre type, which is Radial in this case, and 16 denotes the rim diameter in inches. 

Let’s have a look at the most in-demand tyre of this size!


It is a touring all-season tyre designed for premium vehicles.

It provides a relaxing, quiet ride along with smooth handling due to its enhanced tread design.

Its complex body structure helps in prolonging tyre wear to improve the longevity of the products. 

Due to its elevated grooves, it helps in dispersing water much quicker, thus, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. It also provides excellent wet grip on slippery roads. 

Its interlinked spiral wound ply enhances the drive quality, giving a more comfortable ride. 

Hence, with such advantages, it is quite common to find this tyre on select models of car brands such as Volvo, Renault, Opel, etc. 

Thus, if you want to change those weary old tyres with a set of brand new Vitora Tyres Totton, you can visit us at our garage any time. With our in-house expert technicians, we will assist you in choosing the best-suited tyres for your vehicle.