Vitora 225/40 R18 Tyres

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Do you need a new set of tyres? Trying to figure out which one to choose? 

Then, why don’t you go for a pair of Vitora tyres?

With their futuristic concepts and revolutionary tyre designs, Vitora has taken the automobile market by a storm. They are well known for their durable and sturdy tyre structures in Southampton and the rest of Britain. 

Vitora tyres have seen an increase in demand for their products in the recent years. Hence, they transact with various dealers and retailers in almost cities and towns to provide their tyres. 

We, at Totton Tyre and Exhaust, are the largest vendors of Vitora tyres, storing their best models available on the market. Our garage offers you a vast range of tyres that you can choose from. We have numerous 4X4, performance and season oriented tyres catering to your requirements and specifications. 

One thing that we have recently noticed is that there is a particular tyre size which is extremely popular in this region. It is the size 225/40 R18, where 225 indicates the tyre width and 40 refers to the aspect ratio. The sidewall consists of 40% the total tyre width of 225mm. R signifies the tyre type, which in this case is Radial and 18 refers to the rim diameter in inches. 

The most widely used tyre of this size is Vitora Sportlife; let’s check out some of the reasons for their ever-rising popularity!

This is a high-performance tyre with an asymmetrical design of treads.

The vital feature as to why this tyre is so highly regarded is its enhanced traction. It provides excellent dry and wet grip which improves safety by a significant margin.

Due to the high void ratio inside its shoulder, it helps in dispersing water much quicker. Hence, it reduces the risks of aquaplaning or losing control of the car. 

The elevated treads allow for a smooth ride and precise handling. 

Thus, with such commendable perks, it is not surprising that this particular tyre is the talk of the town. It can be used as aftermarket spares for elite car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Dodge, etc.

So, if you want to replace those old tyres of your vehicle with a brand new pair of Vitora tyres Totton, you can always drive down to our garage. Our experts will even assist you in choosing the right kind of tyres best suited for your car.