Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment

Let’s do an exercise, shall we? Try to angle one of your feet inwards and walk a few metres. How does it feel? Do you feel comfortable walking like that? Most likely not!

The same thing happens to your car when its wheels are out of alignment. The wheels of a car act like its legs. It may be the engine that generates power and the steering that decides which way the car would go. But it’s the wheels that do the actual footwork. If they are not happy, it wouldn’t be smooth sailing for you.

Many of us tend not to think about wheels. The only time we look at them is when we have a flat tyre. But there are other things like wheel alignment, which we should take seriously as it severely affects the drivability as well as the tyre life.

Especially in urban areas like Totton, wheel alignment is not something you can ignore as the room for error on the roads is minuscule. If you haven’t yet, you must visit a wheel alignment garage in Tottonand get it checked immediately. Read on to know why.

Aligning wheels: The basics

When you bought your car, did you notice that the wheels are perfectly parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road? Why do you reckon that is?

It ascertains that your car moves in a straight line and turns the way you want it to turn. However, with the passing of time and miles, the wheels tend to tilt one way. You can’t blame them. Handling tons of weight and thousands of miles can be taxing. That's why periodical services, such as wheel alignment is necessary.

Wheel alignment is not an adjustment to the wheels themselves as many people wrongly believe. It's the suspension that decides which way the wheels are facing and therefore, it is the one that needs adjusting.

Another thing that many people wrongly believe is that wheel alignment and wheel balancing are the same things. That cannot be further from the truth. Wheel balancing has to do with the load distribution within the tyres and nothing with their angles.

What’s in it for me?

A lot of things. The truth is that wheel alignment is one of those small things which will have a noticeable positive impact on your car. Here are five things that'll go well when your wheels are in alignment:

  • Fuel economy

Digressing from convention, we decided not to keep the best for the last. Yes, you save fuel when you drive with perfectly aligned wheels.No, it’s not voodoo! When wheels are aligned, they move in a straight line, the way they are supposed to. But misalignment skews the angle unfavourably, and the engine has to do extra work to keep them in line. That results in burning more fuel.

Aligned wheels eliminate all that and let the engine do its job with minimum fuss, saving fuel, money and the environment. Go green!

  • Drivability

Remember the exercise we did at the beginning? Angling the feet inwards? When it happens with your car, do you think you’ll be able to drive as smoothly as you’d have liked?

The answer is an emphatic no, and if you're an experienced driver, you'll notice the difference right away. Your car will pull on one side making it difficult for you to steer it with precision. It can be especially inconvenient on the streets of Totton considering the busy roads.

To avoid that, you should do wheel alignment in Totton, preferably from a trusted garage, like Totton Tyre & Exhaust.

  • Tyre life

Misaligned wheels are a huge threat to your tyre life. When the wheels are aligned, the load distribution is uniform throughout the wheel. Misaligned wheels, on the other hand, puts unnecessary pressure on a particular section of the tyre, making for uneven tread wear.

Ultimately, the lifespan of the tyre reduces drastically, and you'll have to change it much earlier. That's money out of your pocket which could be saved if only your wheels were aligned.

  • Repairs

Tyres are not the only things that take a hit when you drive over a pothole. Your steering and suspension share the burden as well. When the wheels are aligned, everything is well and fine. But misaligned wheels exert uneven pressure on these systems; making parts of them get more exposed to the force than others. That may lead to the premature breakdown of those parts, which are typically quite expensive to repair.

A visit to a respectable wheel alignment garage in Totton will help you in avoiding all these troubles and ensure that you have a smooth and safe drive always.

Totton Tyre & Exhaust’s in-house experts recommend getting your wheels aligned at least once a year, much like tyre rotation. If you want, you can do both of them at one go and save the hassle of visiting a garage twice.

Totton Tyre & Exhaust is a reputable name for wheel alignment in Totton. Our service is as quick as it is efficient. Visit us once, and you'll see why our customers rate us so highly!